3 senior ISIS leaders killed in battle for Tikrit, says official

Committee Chairman Sadiq al-Husseini
Committee Chairman Sadiq al-Husseini

Diyali ( Diyali Provincial Council announced Wednesday, that three senior leaders of ISIS were killed during clashes with the security forces inside the presidential palaces in the city of Tikrit.

The president of the security committee in Diyali Provincial Council, Sadek al-Husseini, stated to IraqiNews in an interview, “Three of the top ISIS leaders in Diyali province, including the ISIS commander of Shorowin, located 45 km east of Baqubah, have been killed during violent clashes that took place inside the presidential palaces in Tikrit city.”

Noteworthy, many ISIS leaders fled to Salahuddin province after the security forces resolved the battle in Diyali.

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