30 ISIS fighters killed as security forces stand 3km from Mosul airport

Mosul Airport
Mosul Airport

( Baghdad, Nineveh – Thirty Islamic State militants were killed on Monday as Iraqi security forces advanced closer to the Mosul International Airport and liberated a village on its way to the centre of the city.

Hossam Eddin al-Abbar, a member of the municipal council of Nineveh, said in statements that 30 ISIS fighters, including senior leaders, were killed as forces liberated the village of al-Abbas (40 kilometers west of Mosul). The militants carried “Japanese and Chinese nationalities,” and were besieged by the forces before they were killed, said al-Abbar.

“The liberation of Nimrud has speeded up the liberation of other areas of Nineveh,” Abbar said, referring to the ancient city which the Iraqi forces recaptured on Sunday.

Abbar added that federal police forces and the army’s 15th division have become 3 kilometers away from the Mosul airport at the center of the city, having liberated the village of Bo Youssef.

The Iraqi joint forces’ ninth division also managed to clear the village of Moshairiqa from ISIS and raised the Iraqi flags above its buildings, state TV reported on Monday, quoting Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, commander of “We Are Coming, Nineveh” operations.

Iraqi government forces, assisted by a US air cover and popular militias, have been in a successful campaign since mid October seeking to liberate Mosul, ISIS’s last foothold in Iraq.

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