Over 30 ISIS members killed, wounded including senior leaders in western Anbar

Iraqi F16 fighter jet. Archival photo.
Iraqi F16 fighter jet. Archival photo.

( Anbar – On Friday, official journalists with the Ministry of Defense announced killing and wounding more than 30 ISIS members, including senior leaders, in air strikes launched by Iraqi F-16 fighter jets on ISIS gathering in al-Rutba area in western Anbar.

The journalists said in a statement received by, “Falcons Intelligence Cell monitored the movements of ISIS terrorist groups in Rutba,” pointing out that, “On Friday afternoon the Iraqi F16 fighter jets, in coordination with the Joint Operations Command, bombed four ISIS headquarters, killing 26 ISIS fighters and injuring more than eight others.”

The statement added, “The bombardment also destroyed a missiles and explosives cache belonging to the terrorist group.”

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