33 ISIS militants killed in internal fight west and east of Mosul, says Kurdish official

ISIS elements .Archival  photo.
ISIS elements .Archival photo.

( Dohuk – Media official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul Said Mimousini announced on Tuesday, that 33 ISIS militants killed in an internal fighting west and east of Mosul, while the cause of the fight was attributed to the struggle for power, money and women.

Mimousini stated in an interview for “Yesterday, 33 militants belonging to ISIS were killed during armed clashes, which erupted between ISIS elements, during two single incidents, one in Tal Afar, (80 km west of Mosul), and the other in al-Karama district east of Mosul.”

Mimousini added: “clashes broke out between ISIS foreign and local militants on the background of the struggle for power,” noting to “the seizure of funds and distribution of women to practice Jihad marriage and retreat in front of the Peshmerga forces were other reasons prompted ISIS elements to fight each other.”


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  1. The sheer brutality of ISIS should be enough to turn all civilized people against them. How these foreign fighters and young women can be attracted to this brutal bunch of murders is unbelievable. Now they are even training children to do their executions as seen when a group of 25 young boys about 10 years of age each shot and killed a captured Syrian soldier. Another 10 year old did the beheading of a Syrian air force officer apparently without any emotion or regret. If we think ISIS is brutal now what will they be like when this next generation of jihadists comes of age?

  2. Well said Nothern Neighbour! I’m still at a loss as to why the Heavy Bombers (B-52s) aren’t being used to demoralize Daash! Catch them in their training camps, keep them on their toes, looking to the skies,! Pilots have complained that they’ve had convoys in their sights and were not allowed to take them out. Makes one wonder. Reason said was that destroying the convoy would lend support to Assads forces. REALLY!!

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