38 airstrikes conducted by US-led coalition against ISIS in Syria & Iraq

Coalition airstrikes against ISIS. Archival photo.
Coalition airstrikes against ISIS. Archival photo.

( Baghdad – The US-led coalition announced on Sunday, that its warplanes conducted 38 air strikes against the so-called ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The Joint Task Force said in a press statement obtained by, “Yesterday the coalition aviation carried out 18 air strikes in Syria.”

The statement added, “Nine air strikes were carried out in Syria near al-Hasaka area, destructing eight tactical units, combat sites, buildings and a vehicle used by the extremists,” pointing out that, “The other strikes hit a number of targets near al-Houl, al-Raqqa, Der ez-Zor and Manbij.”

“Twenty air strikes were conducted in Iraq, including ten air strikes near Mosul, destructing combat site, two headquarters and other targets,” indicating that, “The other strikes hit targets near al-Baghdadi, Ramadi, Sinjar and other cities,” the statement continued.

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