Iraqi civilian poisons 4 ISIS militants in Jalawla, Diyala

Representation photo.
Representational file photo.

Diyala, ( A local source in Diyala Province informed that a number of ISIS militants were poisoned after drinking tea offered to them by a local resident.

Four ISIS militants at a check point near al-Tajneed neighborhood in Jalawla, 70 km north east of Baqubah were poisoned by an Iraqi civilian who lives nearby after he offered them some tea that he had poisoned earlier.

“The ISIS militants stormed the man’s house and sent the 4 fighters to a field hospital” said the source.

Noteworthy, Jalawla town witnesses violent clashes between ISIS militants who control it and Iraqi forces as well as Kurdish Peshmerga trying to liberate the city after they withdrew from it about two months ago.

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  1. While you’re at it, get you some oleander tea, any part of that plant is poisonous. Brew it up for about 20 minutes and serve it to those vile ISIS dogs. Woof, woof, can you say dead dog? LMAO

    • That doesn’t mean that what he did wasn’t a good thing. He died for what he believed was right.

      • You do realize that’s what all ISIS militants are doing? Dying for what they believe is right? I agree with all my heart that ISIS is an organization that should be wiped out, but dying for believing you’re doing the right thing is what’s causing this atrocity.

      • Dear ‘Strandedhermit,’ Some, many, of these ISIS fighters were paid for planting bombs, etc. They needed money. Most of us that do any form of evil justify ourselves, even though, in our hearts, we know it’s wrong. ISIS murdered staff journalists. This because they were angry at a country. Did the journalist chose to be born in any particular country? This will ‘seal the fate’ of ISIS….cold blooded, immoral, murder. Gangsterism, megalomaniac type deeds, all clothed in the garments of piety. ‘You can fool yourself, others…but you cannot fool G-d Alm-ty.

      • Hmmm… poisoned ISIS militants. His house is stormed by other members of ISIS…I think it safe to guess he is dead.

  2. Couldnt think of a better way to kill off IS asswipes those people that did this along with such heroes as Arin Mirkan { kurd Suicide bomber}will go straight to paradise or where ever their heart desires no questions asked!! Wish i had the guts that they have!! Pass the weed killer..

    • Dear ‘Eboollaaaaaaa,’ Very well said. Don’t worry, G-d Almi-ty has many messengers. He is watching from his Heaven and observing all of mankind’s deeds. He creates situations, allows alliances…directs the steps of man. In Judaism it’s written: ‘And G-d hardened Pharoah’s (‘Paro’) heart. Strange? No. Pharoah was full of hatred and evil…stubborn..he crossed over the place where one cannot turn away from evil (Or good!) and was guided with his army to drown in ‘The Sea of Reeds.’

  3. Everyone dies. This man died for a good cause, mjob. They joke but we are proud of him (and Arin Mirkan.) Freedom is never free. They have my respect.

  4. They are all in a hurry to meet their 72 virgins. Help them on their way quickly. You will be doing them a great favour.

    • Scholars of the Koran are debating if this might in fact be a mistranslation for “72 grapes”… I’d be pissed if I got to paridise and they gave me a bunch of grapes.

  5. mjob, not sure this source states that this man died for his actions but no, the bloodthirsty neither realize nor care about that sort of thing. They’re too busy celebrating pain and suffering without thinking through that this only begets more of the same.

  6. So what do we do? Do we all band together and write strongly worded letters? Maybe we should show how upset we are by holding hands and singing songs! Hell maybe we ask popular singer/songwriters to write songs so we can download it for 1.99! That’ll show IS im sure they will stop as soon as they realize the rest of the world is totes upset.

  7. It’s a legitimate shame the world is not as civilized as it deserves. Hopefully we can learn to cooperate because we want for not before global warming (I’m sorry…Global Climate Change) kills us all. Or before the space crabs arrive.

  8. Best news I have heard all day. While you are at it, arm all angry middle eastern Muslim moms who hate ISIS. I heard that ISIS fighters believe they won’t get their 72 virgins if they are killed by women so the only thing that could make the story better is if a woman poisoned ISIS terrorists.

  9. Don’t you guys think this is to show that not all of the inhabitants of Iraq, including Muslims, Christians, and Kurds, are for ISIS

  10. Dont noe if ppl noticed but no were in the article dose it say that the man who served the poison drinks was capture and killed. It dose say that they were looking for the man at his house and thats it… So please ppl lets stick to wat the article saids and lets not assume and b******t ourselves,,lets hope he got away which it wat more than likely happened,,i mean who gonna get 4 isis fighters poison and that go back to they sure he plan it out..

  11. this story sounds like propaganda.

    but who knows?

    based on a cursory 5 minutes of browsing the ‘ternets there seems to be a lot of stories about ISIS deaths.. little else at the moment.

  12. I spent some time in Jalawla (Jalula) in 2007. The people there are generous, hospitable and sweet. My heart breaks for the terror they’re experiencing right now. These ISIS thugs are no more than street criminals. Uneducated, unemployed, uninformed. My prayer for the people in Diyala province is they remain strong through this tough time.

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