40 gunmen storm police station, release person in Baghdad

seeBaghdad ( On Thursday, a security source in Baghdad province revealed, that 40 militants, dressed in military uniform, stormed a police station and released a person in northern Baghdad.

The source stated to IraqiNews in an interview, “This evening, 40 armed men, dressed in military uniform, stormed a police station in al-Qahira neighborhood, located in northern Baghdad,” pointing out that, “The gunmen beat a number of police elements and seized their cell phones.”

The source added, “One of the arrested individuals has been released.”


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    • The war is certainly not being won by ISIL as ISIL is being forced to retreat or be killed. Recently all the attacking offensives done by ISIL have failed where the attacking ISIL fighters who were still alive decided to flee rather than be killed. The tide of war has changed and in time there will no longer be an ISIL self proclaimed “Islamic State” and Caliphate in Iraq.
      battu, was that promised as that is what is happening?

      I do know that ISIL caused millions of Muslims in Syria and Iraq to flee for their lives and away from ISIL, and those Muslims had been forced to leave their homes. In the areas where all of the ISIL members have been killed, and some ISIL members instead decided to save their lives where they ran away from the fighting, in those areas Muslims already have started to return to their homes.
      battu, was that promised as that is what is happening?

  1. As long as Christians and good Muslims are around in the world, ISIS DAESH will be killed in our battle against them and you pigs that support this. Run DAESH you are being watched and targeted……….

  2. Even if there were only Muslims in the world there will allways be a very small percentage of extremist Muslim terrorists who will declare other Muslims as “non-believers” and kill them just like extremist ISIL terrorists do.

    This appears to be a human problem for over many centuries even with Christians there has allways been a very small percentage of extremist Christian terrorists who have terrorised and killed other Christians, and where there has even been wars with Christians killing other Christians even though their religion and God forbids killing.

    Jeff, throughout human history there has been many wars around the world which terrorised and killed lots of innocent people, and which had absolutely nothing to do with any religion. So please do not blame religion as its a human problem, and wherever there are humans you will find a very small percentage of extremist human terrorists who will terrorise and kill other people.

  3. Jeff,
    Atheists of Communism have killed over 100 million in just the last century and are still killing in a few countries.

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