40 ISIS elements killed, 5 vehicles destroyed in eastern Ramadi

Archival photo
Archival photo

( Anbar – On Sunday, federal police command announced, that 40 elements of the ISIS organization were killed in a military operations in eastern Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), while indicate to the destruction of five vehicles equipped with heavy weapons.

The federal police Chief Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement received by, “The federal police elements carried out a military operation and advanced towards Juwiba and al-Sedikiya areas in eastern Ramadi, killing 40 elements of the organization.”

Jawdat added, “The operation also resulted in the destruction of five vehicles equipped with heavy weapons, six defense positions belonging to ISIS, as well as detonating 16 improvised explosive devices,” noting that, “The security forces continue its advance to meet the military troops in Sofiya axis in order to attack the enemy.”

Noteworthy, Joint Special Operations Command announced, that the full liberalization of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), while raised the Iraqi flag over its government complex.

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