43 more civilians killed in western Mosul airstrikes

US fighter jets bombing ISIS headquarters in Iraq. File Photo

Mosul ( Forty-three more civilians were killed Monday in airstrikes targeting Islamic State locations in western Mosul, continuing a bloody week for Iraqis stranded in battlefields.

Anadolu Agency quoted an officer within the Rapid Response Forces, a special interior ministry force, saying the strikes were carried out by jets from the U.S.-led coalition at two separate areas, adding that those killed included women and children.

No comment was made by the Iraqi command or the international coalition yet.

According to the brigadier general, a first strike killed 23 civilians, as well as the targeted militants, in Bab Sinjar in central Mosul. Another strike at Tawafa region killed 20 members of one family.

The coalition has been under fire over the past week due to accusations that its fighter jets caused more than 200 civilian deaths in strikes targeting IS militants in western Mosul al-Resala and Mosul al-Jadida districts. U.S. commanders said they were going to investigate deaths that occurred at areas of their troops’ operations.

The Iraqi command had said it found no evidence of airstrikes at the areas where deaths had been reported, accusing IS militants of fabricating the reports to tarnish the security campaign against the group since October 2016.

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