50 families flee town in Iraqi Kurdistan fearing Islamic State threat

Displaced children who fled the clashes queue to receive aid from Iraqi security forces in Antesaar neighborhood of Mosul, Iraq, January 24, 2017. REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani

Kirkuk ( Dozens of families have fled a town in Iraqi Kurdistan Region feeling threatened by Islamic State militants’ activity in the region, Kurdish media said Thursday.

Kurdish Rudaw network said 50 families have fled the town of Daqouq, Kirkuk province, for fear of falling targets to the extremist group as 15 people, including two police officers, have been recently killed in attacks by the militants.

The network quoted Wasta Rasoul, a senior leader in the Peshmerga forces, saying that Islamic State militants are making use of the security void between locations of Peshmerga and Iraqi government forces. He recommended the formation of a joint force from the federal government and the region’s government to resolve the security issue in those locations.

The suggestion of a combined force was discussed by defense officials from Baghdad and Erbil but to no avail.

Iraq declared late 2017 it retook all territories under IS extremists’ control, but remnant cells continue to pose a security threat at some regions.


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  1. This is very difficult to understand that after so many defeats IS can still emerge like that. This can only mean that the Iraqi forces and Peschmerga did not make their homework. Pls., Iraqi Goverment, have a bateillon of parachuters in steady alert, so that they can be airlifted in less than one hour to threatened villages in Kurdistan or elsewhere. News like that let us doubt about the effeciency of the Iraqi armed forces. I don’t know whether Peschmerga is disposing of airborne forces. If not, it is time to create them….

  2. The word is that Erbil is an Israeli military base that trains isis, so this makes sense that isis is on the rise in this area… Now is the time for Iraq to show some self-confidence and take the Erbil base from the American and Israeli military and destroy the isis training grounds in this area.

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