7 ISIS fighters killed, 3 others arrested in western Anbar

Iraqi forces.Archival photo.
Iraqi forces. Archival photo.

( Anbar – Al-Hashed  al-Sha’bi official in Haditha District in Anbar province announced on Monday killing seven members of the so-called ISIS and the arrest of three others in Haqlaniyah area in western Anbar (110 km west of Baghdad).

Lt. Aycer Obeidi said in a statement received by, “Security forces from the army, police and tribal fighters were able to repel the terrorist attack by, which targeted one of the entrances of Haqlaniyah area in Haditha District, (170 km west of Anbar), resulting in the death of seven ISIS fighters and the arrest of three others. ”

Al-Obeid added, “The security forces were able to destroy three vehicles mounted with weapons and a rocket launcher, in addition to seizing weapons and ammunition. ”

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