8 ISIS elements killed in artillery shelling north of Mosul

Archival photo
Archival photo

( Nineveh – On Sunday, Peshmerga forces announced, that eight elements of ISIS were killed in a shelling in the center of Bashiqa north of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad).

The Kurdistan Democratic Party’s spokesperson in Mosul Saeed Mamouzini said in a statement followed by, “This morning, Peshmerga artillery shelled ISIS gatherings in Fadiliyah village in Bashiqa (17 km north of Mosul), killing eight elements of the organization,” adding that, “The shelling has inflicted material losses on the organization’s sites.”

Noteworthy, Fadiliyah village is located on the road between Nuran and Ba’shiqa axes (17 km north of Nineveh province).

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