Abadi says any assault against foreign consulates in Iraq “totally rejected”

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

Baghdad ( – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reiterated on Monday his rejection of any assault against foreign consulates or diplomatic missions in Iraq.

In press statements following his arrival in Basra, Abadi said that “any assault against foreign consulates or diplomatic missions in Iraq is totally rejected.”

Abadi went on to say that his government’s ability to provide basic services for the Iraqi people “depends on the security presence,” adding that his visit to Basra is meant to follow up the implementation of decisions taken by the Cabinet to contain the situation in the oil-rich province following a week of deadly protests.

Abadi vowed on Saturday to address protesters’ demands but warned against sabotage.

During an exceptional parliament session on Saturday, Sputnik quoted Abadi as warning that “we have to separate the political aspect from the security and service one, otherwise, the disagreement will develop into an armed conflict”.

Current demonstrations represent a major challenge to Abadi who seeks to secure a renewed term in office through forming the largest bloc in the parliament that is legally entitled to form the next government.

Protests on Friday set fire to the Basra provincial government building and the Iranian consulate, prompting Iraqi authorities to impose a curfew in the province at 4 pm Saturday before lifting it later in the day.

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