After Abadi’s threats, Peshmerga says will defend ourselves

Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Baghdad ( Peshmerga troops have denied committing violations or opening fire against either the federal forces or the pro-government paramilitary troops, the spokesperson said.

“Peshmerga only defended itself and the people,”Brig. General Kelkurd Hekmat told Baghdad Today on Tuesday. “Iraqi troops and al-Hashd al-Shaabi are the ones rallying near regions of Kurdistan.”

“The Prime Minister [Haidar al-Abadi] urged that Peshmerga be part of Iraqi troops, however, to the moment, they still joining the troops control on joint crossing borders at disputed regions,” Hekmat added.

“Why does the government allows PMFs to take part in all its operations and controlling regions but does not allow Peshmerga do the same at regions that are already governed by Kurdistan or of high kurdish majority?” he wondered.

He concluded saying that “peshmerga will not start the attack, but at the same time, will defend itself.”

In a daily press briefing, earlier on the day, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi warned against targeting or opening fire against federal troops at disputed regions, warning that whoever violates will not be safe.

Tension occurred between Baghdad and Erbil in the wake of the independence referendum held in September by Kurdistan Regional Government, when 92 percent voted for independence from Iraq. Baghdad rejected the vote and replied with retaking territories where sovereignty is disputed with Erbil, including oil facilities.

Walid al-Helli, who is Abadi’s advisor, said on Monday that Iraqi government will impose its control on the border crossings that are out of its control, even if by force. He added that 29 crossing are out of the federal government’s control.

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  1. the peshmerga is threating Iraq its time for Iraq to show the west and Kurdistan that it is serious there is a norweigan journalist from oslo jailed in Baghdad execute him right now and show the video on

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