Abduction gang arrested in Sadr city

Baghdad ( A security force managed to free a kidnapped person and arrest his kidnappers in Sadr city of eastern Baghdad.Baghdad Operations Command reported in statement received by on Thursday ”The security forces of the 11th Division in cooperation with the patrols of the national security succeeded to free a kidnapped person in Sadr city of eastern Baghdad.””The security forces managed to arrest the kidnappers, eights persons including a woman, and seized light weapons in their possession,” the statement added.”Another security force within the same Division managed to dismantle an Improvised Explosive Device that was emplaced under a fuel tank in Sadr city,” the statement pointed out.”An IED was defused by the security force,” the statement concluded, noting that “The IED was emplaced near Imam Sadeq University in Wazeriya area of central Baghdad.” \

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