After murder of abductees, U.S. says Islamic State can still carry out operations in Iraq

U.S. soldiers deployed in Iraq

Baghdad ( The U.S. embassy in Baghdad has expressed shock over the murder of eight victims by Islamic State, after being kidnapped by the group.

A statement on Thursday said, “the U.S. embassy in Baghdad expresses its shock and anger over killing the eight victims, who were recently kidnapped by the group.”

The embassy stressed that the abduction of the Iraqis and killing them in that brutal way is an additional evidence that Islamic State is still present and capable of carrying out crimes.

The U.S. offered condolences to families of the victims, according to the statement, and vowed “working alongside the Iraqi government to eliminate presence of IS and counter terrorism.

On Wednesday, the Security Media Center, a media arm of the Joint Operations Command, said that troops found the dead bodies on the Baghdad-Kirkuk road.

The militant group announced, earlier this week, through some videos posted on its propaganda websites that seventeen people were kidnapped on the road between Kirkuk and Baghdad. Among those people, where the six men who appeared in the video, released earlier this week.

The militant group made the threat, on Sunday, in a video it released on its Amaq propaganda agency, showing six men, with their faces covered in bruises. The detainees were members of the Iraqi police and al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces), who were kidnapped last week on a road linking Baghdad to Kirkuk.

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