Agency: Iraqi PM Abadi orders halt of military push towards Kirkuk

Baghdad ( Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered Friday to halt security troops advancement towards areas evacuated by Kurdish Peshmerga troops in Kirkuk, hours after he denied intentions for an invasion of the province.

Russian Sputnik  agency reported that Abadi ordered to halt the entry of security forces into Kirkuk for 48 hours after Peshmerga lowered their flags and emptied their barracks in Taza and Bashir villages.

Abadi denied Thursday warnings by Kurdistan officials that his government was preparing for a military operation to invade Kirkuk.  “We will not use our army forces against our people or fight a war against our Kurdish citizens”, Abadi said during a meeting with officials in Anbar province on Thursday. He had, however, made earlier calls on Kurdish troops to cooperate with Iraqi forces once they take over security in Kirkuk.

Baghdad had demanded Kurdistan to hand over security in Kirkuk to Iraqi forces following a political crisis that erupted when Kurdistan held a referendum in September in which 92% voted for independence from Iraq.

On Thursday, Kurdistan Security Council warned that Iraq was preparing for a militray offensive in Kirkuk.

“We are alarmed by significant Iraqi military and PMF build up in Bashir and Taz in South Kirkuk, incl tanks, artillery, humvees and mortars,” the council tweeted. “These forces are approx 3km from Peshmerga forces. Intelligence shows intention to takeover nearby oil fields, airport and military base.”

“…heavily armed Peshmerga units deployed in and around Kirkuk, ready very strongly to respond to any possible military attacks by PMF,” Hemin Hawrami, a political assistant to Kurdish President Masud Barzani, tweeted.



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  1. That all is in the interest of Israel. As long as muslims fight against each other, Israel is in a safe haven.

  2. We as Kurds don’t want to fight unless someone attacks, our people have been suffering for 100 years, our people have been killed repeatedly each time under a different banner of iraqi governments. iraq was created by a pencil and paper in 1920’s, Kurdistan as a region has been there for thousands of years, before any iraq existed.

    to me as a Kurd i will give the same right to everyone as the rights I want for my own, so why is that ok and they entitle themselves to have 30 arab states to have their own countries even though they speak the same language and have the same culture, but when it comes to Kurds they shouldn’t have that right?

    in a perfect world we would like to be good neighbors and have good economic and political relationship, Having Kurdistan as a state doesn’t mean we should fight each other. have you seen the EU? there is no boarders at all so why can’t we do this? why can’t we have respect for one another and understand each other’s rights? we have over 2 million iraqi arab refugees in Kurdistan we helped them and we are proud of that,
    our people are sick of an iraqi central government that as soon as it gets strong it does the same thing all other iraqi government have done in the past which is imposing his power and start killing our people again. our people will rule themselves and want to have great friendship with iraq in south but it seems they can not understand that.
    I as a Kurd would never feel safe to go to Baghdad or any other place but Arabs come here and they never have any problems because we respect our guests, my neighbors are arabs that came from south and we see them as ourselves and respect them, why can’t they be the same towards us??
    why an iranian government have to rule iraqi central government and create hatred between Kurds and arabs?
    I just don’t understand whats so hard for them to understand that we want to live in peace enough is enough, we have never attacked you, our men women and children have been killed by every government that comes to iraq we don’t want to stay with an iraqi government that has no respect for our people, plus its our right to have self determination just like you have that right and all other people in this plant do. having Kurdistan as a state is not a sin its our right like every other people on earth. and creation of Kurdistan doesn’t mean war, it mean stability and friendship.

    i hope your government doesn’t attack us, because if they do I promise you we have no choice but everyone of us will fight to the death we will never allow a murders iranian sponsored government to attack our people and kill our innocent people like every other previews iraqi governments.

    come with peace and we will respect you and be friends come with war we will never allow it.


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