Airstrikes in Mosul kill ISIS leader

Coalition aircraft while conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.
Airstrikes against ISIS. File Photo

( Mosul – A local source informed that an ISIS leader was killed in airstrikes by the US-led coalition in the ISIS-occupied city of Mosul in northern Iraq.

“Abu Yahya Alwaizi, who is considered to be a top ranked ISIS leaders and who also fought in the Syrian city of Aleppo, was killed at al-Shurah district,” further added the source seeking anonymity.

Anticipating offensive, coalition aviation were prepared and the airstrikes came before ISIS could launch an attack and thus were able to liberate Mosul. The city was an ISIS stronghold since June 2014.


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  1. I don’t think Mosul has been liberated yet but it will. The strategic incompetence of ISIL leadership that began with provoking the US into involvement in this conflict guaranteed that ISIL would be driven out of Iraq. To date, more than 46000 young men, blind followers of an inept and incompetent ISIL leadership have been killed for no sane reason. Before these Jihadist are driven out of Mosul, there could be a total of 54 to 55 thousand dead young men, not counting wounded. And for what?All the pain and suffering inflicted on innocent and harmless Iraqis for what purpose? ISIL has already lost and to fight for a lost cause makes no sense whatsoever. This terrorist movement, ISIL, is doomed to extinction just as I mentioned more than 2 years ago on Iraqi News.

  2. daesh dogs will be slaughtered but take care of the Kurds who have contributed a lot to win the war against satanic daesh. the kurds need to be respected.

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