Anbar Council: Battle of Ramadi needs more time to be resolved

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( Baghdad – On Wednesday, the Council of Anbar Province stated, that the liberation operation of Ramadi needs more time, while noted that everything in the city is booby-trapped and ISIS elements who are currently fighting in Ramadi are a moving bombs.

The spokesman of the Council Eid al-Karbouli said in a statement obtained by, “The security forces are advancing into the southern and western axes of Ramadi.”

He added, “The battle is not a conventional army battle, but it is taking place in alleys, narrow roads and neighborhoods,” noting that, “Everything is in the city of Ramadi is booby-trapped.”

“The battle needs time and cannot be resolved in a couple of days. All ISIS elements are booby-trapped and considered as bombs moving on the grounds,” he continued.

Yesterday, the Head of the Council of Anbar confirmed, that the security forces and al-Hashd tribes had defeated ISIS elements in Ramadi, while pointed out that the city will be soon liberated.

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  1. For months most of the Iraqi forces have been doing absolutely nothing and it is time that they displayed courage and get on with the job of destroying ISIS.

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