Al-Doulab liberated, 73 ISIS fighters killed

Iraqi army forces. File photo.
Iraqi army forces. File photo.

( ANBAR – The commander of the Seventh Army Division in Anbar province, Maj. Gen. Naumann Abdul- Zobaie on Monday announced about liberating al-Doulab and raising the Iraqi flag there.

Zobaie, in press statement, said, “The troops of the Seventh Army Division along with the tribal fighters and International Coalition Aviation liberated al-Doulab today. al-Doulab is 70 km west of Ramadi.”

“Our forces also gunned down 73 ISIS fighters, destroyed three wheels and dismantled 500 explosive devices,” Zobaie further added in the statement.

It may be mentioned here that army troops of Seventh Division and tribal fighters began al-Doulab’s liberation operation on Sunday. The area is situated west of Heet city.

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