Albu Ajil tribe declares its innocence of Speicher massacre


( On Thursday, Albu Ajil tribe in Salahuddin province declared its innocence of Speicher Base massacre, noting that it has evidence to prove that, while confirming its willingness to cooperate with the government.

Head of the tribe Abdul Karim Nada said in an interview for, “Albu Ajil declares its innocence of Speicher Base crimes.”

“We have evidence to prove that we are innocent,” Nada continued, noting that, “The tribe took in about 150 fleeing soldiers who are willing to testify.”

Nada expressed surprise at “letting the negligent leaders and officials, and accusing the helpless tribes.”

He added, “My tribe is ready to cooperate with the government,” pointing out that, “We have our own militia to defend our territory.”

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