Albu Fahd tribe calls for reinforcements to battle ISIS

قوات العشائر تلاحق عناصر داعش في محافظة الانبار

Al-Anbar ( On Sunday, the leader of Albu Fahd tribe has called the government to supply the fighters of the tribe with weapons and ammunition to fight against the ISIS group militants.

Rafie Abdul-karim al-Fahdawy, the leader of Albu Fahd tribe stated to IraqiNews, “The fighters of Albu Fahd tribe are currently battling against the ISIS group elements in Al-Ramadi city and down to the area of al-Habaniyah in the eastern side,” pointing out that, “The tribal fighters have ran out of gear due to the constant clashes with the group.”

Al-Fahdawy has called the Army to send reinforcements consisting of gear and weapons to the fighters of the tribe.

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