Anbar’s Deputy Governor confirms full government control over Ramadi’s center and entrances

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

( The Anbar’s Deputy Governor Mahdi Saleh Naumann confirmed, that security forces are currently in control of Ramadi’s center and entrances, and a counter-attack against the ISIS terrorist group will be launched after military reinforcements arrive to the city.

Naumann said in an interview for, “The security forces and the police are now in control of Ramadi’s center, after violent clashes broke out in other areas during the past two days,” noting that, “Entrances to the city are controlled as well.”

Naumann continued, “The reinforcements and Rapid Reaction Forces arrived in the city along with a force of two regiments,” adding that, “The troops are going to launch a counter-attack against ISIS backed by the Iraqi air force and the international coalition forces.”

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  1. More reinforcements were bound to arrive as Iraq does have heaps of spare trained and well armed Security Forces to send, thanks to the thousands of international soldiers in Iraq who are training many more thousands of Iraqi men who want to be soldiers. ISIL is so desperate for fighters it had to resort to training more of its young children to be fighters.

  2. First kill every sympathiser of ISIS and other terror outfits as these wolves helped ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terror outfit to occupy large swathe of land in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere across the MENA region. Once these hardcore supporters of terrorism are finished, the ISIS and other terror outfits will die their natural death.

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