Anbar Council announces cutting all ISIS supplies in Ramadi

Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – On Sunday, Anbar Provincial Council announced cutting all supplies for ISIS lines in Ramadi, while anticipated the liberation of Khalidiya island in the coming days.

The spokesman for the council, Eid al-Karbouli, stated for, “The security forces were able to cut off all supplies for ISIS terrorists in Ramadi, and are now trying to cut off their communications lines,” adding that, “Some ISIS elements had shaved their beards to escape.”

Karbouli added, “The slow progress of the security forces is part of a deliberate plan to weaken ISIS,” pointing out that, “Khalidiya Island is likely to be liberated in the coming days.”

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  1. This is the old tactic that Iraq uses all the time but using it as you see the progress to liberate the area is very slow and the war to liberate all of Iraq it will take years of fighting.

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