Anbar governor survives assassination attempt in Ramadi

The governor of Anbar Provincial Council Suhaib al-Rawi
The governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi

Al-Anbar ( On Sunday, the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi survived an assassination attempt in the city of Ramadi.

A Council’s member Aid Amash said in an interview for, “The governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi survived today an assassination attempt by mortar shells targeted the headquarters of the security forces during a visit in the city of Ramadi.”

Amash added, “Al-Rawi was not harmed, and the bombing only led to some material damage.”

The governor of Anbar  Suhaib al-Rawi confirmed earlier on Sunday, that the security forces will restore the areas dominated by the ISIS group in Ramadi.


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  1. He must be thankful from his creater from one almighty GOD one ALLAH the almighty and anyways be truly honest and optimistic and always do good as good deeds and actions elevated the status and grades of the believers in eternity mansions paradise(Jannah) where there is no more death, defections and deficiencies, weaknesses and diseases , test and viruses , strugglings and hardships and all kind of evils and evil plots for political and religious misunderstandings, disagreements, disputes, quarrellings and conflicts for worldly gains money and power. We must all pray and do good and always be kind and merciful and helpful to eachothers to be protected from all evils of both lives. Be blessed all

  2. K, if ISIL asked you and your family to come for a walk into the desert with them and there to start digging a hole, then what will you say then.

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