Anti-Terrorism forces destroy ISIS armory in Sijariya

Iraqi Anti-Terrorism Forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi Anti-Terrorism Forces. Archival photo.

( Anbar – On Wednesday the Commander of the 3rd special operations brigade in the Anti-Terrorism Bureau Major General Samy Kadim al-Aredi announced the destruction of ISIS armory in al-Sijariya area east of Ramadi.

“The forces from the Anti-Terrorism Bureau, army and Anbar police have advanced to liberate al-Sijariya, al-Juwbiya and Husaiba areas east of Ramadi from the ISIS control,” Aredi said in a press statement followed by

Aredi added, “The forces engaged with ISIS fighters in al-Sijariya and managed to destruct the ISIS armory in the area, including mortar detachments, machine guns and guided missiles,” pointing out that, “Heavy human and material losses were inflicted on the enemy.”

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