Anti-Terrorism forces free Ramadi Hospital, kill 7 suicide bombers

Anti-Terrorism forces file photo.
Anti-Terrorism forces. File photo.

( Anbar – The Commander of the 3rd brigade of the Anti-Terrorism forces announced the liberation of Ramadi General Hospital and the advance toward the Great Mosque of the City, while confirmed that the security forces have killed seven suicide bombers.

Major-General Samy Kadim al-Aaredi said in a statement followed by, “A joint force from the Anti-Terrorism forces and Anbar police has managed to liberate Ramadi General Hospital, while reached Ramadi Great Mosque.”

Aaredi added, “The joint force has killed seven suicide bombers who were hiding inside the hospital and tried to attach the security forces,” pointing out that, “The ISIS elements have detonated one of the hospital’s floors.”

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