Anti-Terrorism forces repulse ISIS attack near Mosul

Anti-Terrorism forces repulse ISIS attack near mosul
Iraqi security forces. File photo.

Nineveh ( Anti-Terrorism Directorate announced on Saturday killing seven members of the Islamic State, after repulsing their attack using booby-trapped vehicles and motorcycles, in eastern Mosul.

Commander of the Anti-Terrorism’s 3rd Special Operations Directorate Sami al-Aredi, said in a press statement, “Troops of the Anti-Terrorism Directorate repulsed, this morning, a fierce attack launched by ISIS using a car bomb and a number of suicide bombers on Hayy al-Bareed, in eastern Mosul.”

“The [Anti-Terrorism] forces managed to kill seven suicide bombers, as well as detonating the vehicle before reaching the security forces,” Aredi added.

Furthermore, Aredi revealed that the suicide bombers included foreign members, who attacked the security forces using booby-trapped motorcycles.

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