Armed attack kills civilian southeast of Baghdad

Armed attack kills civilian southeast of Baghdad
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Baghdad ( A police source informed that a civilian was killed in an armed attack, on Saturday, southeast of the capital, Baghdad, Alsumaria reported.

The source said in a statement that gunmen shot a civilian in front of his house in Nahrawan area, southeast of Baghdad, killing him immediately.

Security forces cordoned off the area of the incident and banned approaching it, while an ambulance transferred the body to the forensic medicine department, the source added on condition of anonymity.

It is noteworthy that the capital, Baghdad, in witnessing several attacks using booby-trapped vehicles and IDPs, in addition to separate attacks against civilians and security members, leaving dozens of casualties every day.


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  1. iraq should become independent usa is behind all these attacks it has proxys just like in yemen where the un and norweigan refugee council are the enemy of yemen and controlled by the usa they should be thrown out of yemen and yemen needs to become independent and produce its own hospitals and factorys.

  2. saeed,
    Where are you getting all your information?
    You sound like a fool talking bs.

    Let us know your source of information.

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