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Armed uprising against ISIS begins in Mosul

 Armed uprising against ISIS begins in Mosul

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( Nineveh – Iraqi media outlets reported on Tuesday that a popular armed uprising is expected to begin in the city of Mosul against the Islamic State and that six ISIS patrols were attacked by Mosul residents within a five hour period.

Al Sumaria News stated, “A popular uprising is expected to occur in Mosul against ISIS which has begun to lose control over the city. Divisions have emerged between its leaders and its fighters have been fleeing since the start of liberation battles which have been waged across multiple fronts.”

“Six patrols that were deployed in the neighborhoods of al-Zohor, Dawasa and al-Tahrir were attacked in less than five hours by a group of young rebels in Mosul,” Al Sumaria explained. “ISIS did not conduct any raids but reinforced the presence of its militants instead,” Al Sumaria added.

Alsumaria also revealed that ISIS removed traffic signs from the streets of the city to conceal its defeat and hide the signs of victory of the security forces.

Earlier today a young group of rebels from the city of Mosul launched an attack on a headquarters belonging to ISIS and stormed into it in the vicinity of Hayy al-Kahera area, killing two of its guards and burned a vehicle that was carrying heavy weapons.

The young people, chanted ‘Mosul is free,’ and raised the Iraqi flag before withdrawing from the area, after large numbers of ISIS members arrived to regain control over the headquarters.

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