Army brigadier wounded by ISIS shelling in al-Doulab area west of Heet

Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi security forces. Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – On Monday, a brigadier commander within the army’s Seventh Division was injured in a shelling by ISIS on the advancing army troops in the area of al-Doulab west of Heet.

The commander of the 27th Brigade of the Seventh Division, Brigadier General Abdul-Karim al-Zobaie, said in a statement obtained by, “A brigadier commander, along with three of his aides, have been injured in a mortar shell attack by ISIS on the army forces advancing for the Liberation of al-Doulab area in the district of Heet (70 km west of Ramadi),” adding that, “The injury, which he and his companions had sustained, is minor; and they are currently receiving treatment in Ain al-Asad base.”

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