Army forces foil ISIS attack on al-Baghdadi and Haditha, 32 militants killed

Iraqi army bombards ISIS sites
Iraqi army bombards ISIS sites

( Anbar – The Seventh Division commander of the army Maj. Gen. Abdul-Zobaie Nauman announced on Monday, that the security forces repelled ISIS attack on al-Baghdadi and Haditha in Anbar, stressing that 32 elements of the organization were killed.

Zobaie said in an interview for, “A force from the army supported by tribal fighters were able to repel attacks by ISIS from four axes on al-Baghdadi and Haditha using booby-trapped vehicles and various weapons.”

Zobaie added: “The army and tribes were able to kill 32 ISIS elements during the attack and seized two booby-trapped vehicles,” pointing out that, “A force had dismantled the booby-trapped vehicles without any damage.”

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  1. Mr Califa of Isis terrorist, we, the Irak army and other allies are reaching the final phase of your extermination.

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