Army forces kill 40 ISIS militants, destroy 14 booby-trapped vehicles in Ramadi

Iraqi army soldiers. Archival photo.
Iraqi army soldiers. Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – The commander of Anbar Operations Command Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi announced on Sunday the killing of 40 elements of the ISIS as well as the destruction of 14 booby-trapped vehicles in Ramadi during the past 48 hours.

Mahlawi said in a statement obtained by, “The ISIS organization suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment in the city of Ramadi, after foiling an attack on the security forces stationed in the vicinity of the city, especially in the northern axis,” adding that, “His forces, with support from the Iraqi Air Force as well as the international coalition aviation and the artillery force, had managed to kill more than 40 elements of ISIS and destroy 14 booby-trapped vehicles driven by suicide bombers over the past 48 hours in Ramadi.”

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