Army forces repel 2 attacks by ISIS on Thurthar and Saqalawiya, 49 militants killed

Baghdad Operations Command logo.
Baghdad Operations Command logo.

( Baghdad – Baghdad Operations Command announced on Wednesday, that the Iraqi security forces had managed to repel two attacks by ISIS on the areas of al-Thurthar and Saqalawiya, while pointed out to the killing of 49 “terrorists” and the seizure of their weaponry and heavy equipment.

The command said in a statement followed by, “The army’s 1st brigade had managed to repel an attack by ISIS on the area of al-Thurthar,” noting that, “The clashes resulted in killing 35 terrorists in the battlefield.”

The statement added, “The army’s 51st brigade, in coordination with al-Hashed al-Sha’bi [militia], was able to foil an ISIS attack by booby-trapped vehicles on the area of al-Saqalawiya,” pointing out that, “The security forces were able to kill 14 terrorists.”

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