Army kills 17 IS members, storm two districts, western Mosul.

Iraqi army forces in Mosul. File photo.

Mosul ( Seventeen Islamic State members were killed on Wednesday in west of Mosul, the Iraqi army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Forces (ICTF) declared.

“The forces raided al-Abar area killing 17 IS members,” Major Ali Mohsen, of ICTF, told BasNews. “Security troops arrested six IS female members of different Arab nationalities, working for the so-called hisbah (vigilantism) office in the region.”

“Troops liberated around 40 percent of Al-Abar region,” he said adding that battles are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, Abdul-Ghani al-Assadi, commander of the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Forces, said that the special forces stormed two districts of al-Abar and al-Tanak in western Mosul to drive IS out.

On Monday, Assadi said the forces completed “two thirds” of missions assigned to them as part of the Mosul liberation campaign, taking over 28 districts out of 38 on their targets list.

Iraqi government forces announced earlier on Wednesday resumption of military operations in Central Mosul, after being suspended for few days.

Federal Police Chief Lt. Gen. Shaker Jawdat said on Monday that its troops brought down 60 percent of IS defenses around the Old City.

Eastern Mosul was recaptured in January after three months of fighting. Another offensive was launched mid February to retake the western region.

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