Artillery shelling west of Ramadi kills ten ISIS fighters

Iraqi security forces fire a heavy artillery. Archival photo.
Iraqi security forces during the firing of a heavy artillery.
Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – On Wednesday, al-Jazeerah Operations Command announced killing ten (10) ISIS fighters by artillery shelling west of Ramadi.

Qasim Muhammadi, the commander of al-Jazeeerah Operations, in a statement issued to the media said, “The artillery of the Seventh Division shelled two boats ISIS boats on the bank of Euphrates river in al-Doulab west of Heet (70 km west of Ramadi),” adding, “The shelling destroyed the boats completely and killing nine terrorists that were on-board.”

“In another attack and army troop demolished an ISIS motorcycle and killed one terrorist north of al-Baghdadi Island (90 km west of Ramadi),” Muhammadi added.

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