IS attacks kill 2 officers, wound 4 in Diyala

Iraqi security forces inspect the site of a car bomb attack. Archival photo.

Diyala ( Two Iraqi security members were killed and four others were wounded on Wednesday when two separate attacks by the Islamic State targeted security deployments in Diyala province, east of Iraq.

Alghad Press quoted security sources in Diyala saying that a bomb planted on the side of a country road between Baqubah and Maqdadiah exploded when a police patrol was passing by, killing two officers ad wounding another.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Daifan, mayor of al-Udhaim town, told Alghad Press that a security force foiled an attack by the Islamic State that targeted an army checkpoint in the town. He said the forces repelled the attack which caused mild injuries to three soldiers.

Daifan urged an enhanced security troops presence at al-Udhaim to cut off IS supplies from Mutaibija, an area between Diyala and Salahuddin which he labelled as a “terrorist hotspot”.

Archive Photo

Iraqi forces had repelled several IS attacks at al-Udhaim and other northern Diyala regions over the past months.

The Iraqi government is expected to launch more offensives at IS pockets across Iraq once it is done with its five-month-old campaign to retake Mosul, IS’s major bastion in Iraq which the group took over alongside other regions in Iraq in 2014.

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