Badr militia repels attack on Makhoul Mountains, kills 26 ISIS elements

Badr elements. Archival Photo.
Archival Photo.

(IraqiNews) Salahuddin – Badr Organization announced on Monday, that a force from al-Hashed al-Sha’bi had managed to kill 26 elements of the ISIS organization and repel an attack by the organization on Makhoul Mountains north of Baiji.

The commander of Badr’s 5th brigade, Brigadier Haidar Matouri, stated in an interview tfor, “The Badr fighters stationed in Makhoul Mountains region north of Baiji were able, today, to repel the attack by the ISIS organization on Makhoul Mountains.”

Matouri added, “The stationed forces were able to kill 26 element of organization and cause considerable material losses in their ranks.”

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