Baghdad Iraq: Blasts kill policeman, wounds soldiers

Photos shared across social networks show pillows of smoke following a bomb blast in central Baghdad

Baghdad ( Baghdad Iraq: A police member died and two army soldiers were wounded on Monday in two bomb blasts in eastern and southern Baghdad, local police sources were quoted saying.

Baghdad Today quoted a security source saying that a Federal Police member was killed when an ID fitted beneath a taxi exploded in Husseiniyat al-Rashidiya, east of the capital.

IkhNews website quoted the source saying that an army patrol was passing in Muhaisen region, south of Baghdad, before a roadside bomb went off, leaving two soldiers wounded.

Security forces launched a search for perpetrators in nearby areas, according to the source. The area was cordoned off and the casualties were carried to hospital.

Violence and armed conflicts left 297 Iraqis dead and wounded during the month of ِAugust, according to a monthly count by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq which excludes security members deaths. Baghdad was the most affected province with 45 deaths and 135 injuries.

Baghdad Iraq

The Iraqi capital has seen almost daily bombings and armed attacks against security members, paramilitary troops and civilians since the Iraqi government launched a wide-scale campaign to retake Islamic State-occupied areas in 2016. While most of of the explosions and attacks went without a claim of responsibility, Islamic State has claimed several incidents.

Some security observers believe that even after IS’s main havens across Iraqi provinces are conquered, the group may still constitute a security threat through sleeper cells and lone wolf attacks.


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