Bodies of kidnapped workers found northeast of Baqubah

A corpse inside a hospital’s morgue.

Diyala ( Two Iraqi government workers who were kidnapped from their workplace last week in Diyala were found dead on Tuesday, a local official said.

Two workers at Hamorabi, a government constructions and housing company, were found dead at a valley near Zolo region (98 km northeast of Baqubah) with gunshot marks on their corpses, Alsumaria News quoted Sadeq al-Husseini, a member of the security committee at Diyala council, as saying.

Until present, the destiny of a third victim kidnapped with the dead pair remains unknown, Husseini added.

Last Wednesday, a security source revealed that a “terrorist group” attacked the company’s location at Naft Khana region and kidnapped five workers. But the province’s security committee said later there were only three missing. A local source had told Alsumaria News at the time that the kidnappers belonged to the Islamic State extremist group, but the latter has not yet declared whether it had links to the incident.

Bloody attacks and kidnappings targeting civilians and security personnel have escalated since Islamic State militants emerged in 2014 to proclaim a so-called ‘Islamic Caliphate” in the country. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said violence in the country left 19000 casualties in nine months of 2016.

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