Bomb blast in southern Baghdad kills one policeman

A blast ripped through a car in Baghdad. Archival photo.
A blast ripped through Baghdad. File photo.

( BAGHDAD – A source in the Ministry of Interior informed that a bomb blast in southern Baghdad killed one policeman and injured four others.

Explaining details about the blast and the damaged caused by it, the source added, “An improvised explosive device exploded at noon today, at a police patrol while it was passing through al-Yusufiya in southern Baghdad. A policeman died on the spot and four others were injured in the blast, apart from causing damage to the vehicle.”

Adding further the source said, “Ambulances rushed to the blast area and carried the injured to a nearby hospital. The body of the deceased policeman was sent to the forensic department. Security forces cordoned off the area and has also barred anyone from approaching it.”

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