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 Bomb blasts, IS attack leave 7 dead in Sharqat

Representational photo.

Bomb blasts, IS attack leave 7 dead in Sharqat

Bomb blasts, IS attack leave 7 dead in Sharqat
Representational photo.

Salahuddin (IraqiNews) Two bombs exploded, while the Islamic State group launched an offensive, yesterday, on Sharqat District in Salahuddin. The blasts and attack killed 7 persons, while injured 4 others in different areas of the District.

Saad al-Qaissy, Governor Assistant said, “Five farmers went to harvest wheat and barley on the road leading to Mosul (about 25 kilometers from Sharqat).”

“IS militants intercepted the farmers and killed them immediately, then burned the harvest that was in their possession,” al-Qaissy added.

Meanwhile, a bomb exploded targeting a vehicle belonging to al-Hash al-Ashaeri in Shawesh Village. The explosion killed a person and wounded another one.

Another IED exploded near a police patrol, in the road between Sineya and Haditha, killing a police officer and injuring 3 others.

Qaissy indicated that the security situation in Salahuddin is unstable. Furthermore, he called the concerned parties to provide security for farmers. He also called for carrying out air raids to pursue the remnants of the IS in the province.

“We also need agricultural equipment, to harvest wheat and barley as quickly as possible, and prevent the gangs from burning them,” al-Qaissy explained.

Despite their and losing the territory it controlled in Iraq between 2014 and 2017, the IS group still has dormant cells in several provinces. They also began to use “guerrilla” style, which was previously used in 2014, in their attacks.


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