Bomb expert killed while defusing IED in Anbar

Bomb disposal engineer. File Photo
Bomb disposal engineer. File Photo

Anbar – ( A bomb expert was killed on Thursday when an IED went off while he was defusing it in Anbar.

“The deceased was among officers who had fought the Islamic State over the past three years, and over that period, he had managed to defuse more than 1000 IEDs across the precinct,” said Khamis al-Essawy, commander of the al-Hashd al-Sha’bi’s brigade in Ameriyat al-Somoud, 23 kilometers south of Fallujah.

It is noteworthy that ISIS had sustained recurrent attacks by ISIS since 2014, but was met with tough resilience that the extremist group failed to ensure a foothold in the area.

Iraq has witnessed almost daily incidents of deadly violence since the Islamic State occupied large areas of the country in 2014.

Iraqi government forces, assisted by popular mobilization units and US-led air forces, have been on a major campaign since mid October to clear Iraqi cities from ISIS. Mosul, is currently the group’s last and most outstanding stronghold, and has become the stage of decisive battles between the Iraqi troops and the group over the past month.

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