Car bomb blast near Mosul leaves 10 casualties

A blast ripped through a car in Mosul. File photo.
A blast ripped through a car. File photo.

Nineveh ( Ten civilians were either killed or wounded in the explosion of a booby-trapped vehicle, north of Mosul, an Officer at Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service said on Tuesday.

Major Iyad Ziad, in a brief statement said, “A booby-trapped vehicle exploded near a popular market n al-Masary area, north of Mosul.”

“The blast resulted in the killing of seven civilians and injury of three others,” Ziad added. “The wounded were transferred to a nearby hospital and the bodies to the forensic medicine department,” he explained.

Last week, Islamic State launched attacks on Kokjali area, which was declared IS-free two months ago, using three booby-trapped vehicles driven by IS suicide bombers. They left at least 30 dead, including army soldiers, and 60 wounded.

Meanwhile, some rights organizations and news reports informed that the Islamic State has been targeting areas it had lost to Iraqi forces, leading to civilian deaths.

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