Chinese IS militant killed, five others arrested in Mosul

Iraqi rapid response forces gather during a battle against Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq May 20, 2017. REUTERS/Ari Jalal

Mosul ( A Chinese Islamic State militant has been killed, five other militants were arrested in Mosul city, according to troops of Atheel al-Nujaifi, former Nineveh governor.

Troops from the Nineveh guards killed a Chinese militant as he was trying to escape Dekket Barakah region in Mosul’s Old city while the forces were combing the region in collaboration with security troops, Zuhair al-Jabouri, spokesperson of the guards, told Shafaq News.

Moreover, Jabour announced the arrest of five militants at the outskirts of Imam Gharbi village in southern Nineveh, which is held by the militants, during operations there.

Nujaifi was the governor of Nineveh when Mosul was captured by IS in 2014. The guards were formed after the city fell to the militants. The armed force, trained by Turkey, include more than 5,000 fighters, 180 of them were killed while liberating the eastern side of the city, according to its leaders.

On Sunday, a security source told Shafaq News that the militants are in control of 60 percent of the village, located in Qayyarah, south of Mosul.

Iraqi troops had liberated Qayyarh in August.

Last week, twenty-five tribal forces personnel were killed and injured in an attack launched by IS in the same village.

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