Civilians killed, injured in bomb blast in Mosul

Iraqi security forces gather at the site of a bomb attack in the city of Kerbala, Iraq June 9, 2017. REUTERS/Stringer

Mosul ( Three civilians were killed and injured on Wednesday in a bomb blast in Mosul city, the Russian Sputnik news agency has reported.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a security source said a bomb, planted by Islamic State militants inside a house, exploded killing two civilians and injuring the third in Bab al-Jadid region in Mosul.

The bomb exploded, as the civilians went inside the house to inspect it. The victims were a father and his son.

Efforts are being made to remove bombs that were previously planted by the militants in the city.

Earlier this month, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi congratulated Iraqi forces and citizens on the victory over IS militants who had held the second largest Iraqi city since 2014. More than 25000 militants were killed throughout the campaign.

Violence in the country has surged further with the emergence of Islamic State Sunni extremist militants who proclaimed an “Islamic Caliphate” in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

A monthly count by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), issued on Tuesday, said 518 Iraqis were killed and injured during the month of June. Nineveh province was the most affected governorate with 233 casualties, Baghdad came next then Anbar.

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