Coalition aircraft bombard Islamic State’s headquarters near Kirkuk

Coalition aircraft bombard Islamic State's headquarters near Kirkuk
US-led coalition aircraft. File photo.

Kirkuk ( Aircraft of the international coalition air force violently bombarded a number of key headquarters of the Islamic State group in Kirkuk, a local source told Alsumaria News on Wednesday.

The source said, “Aircraft of the US-led international coalition bombarded, today, key headquarters belonging to the Islamic State group in al-Rashad area and Maktab Khalid axis, southwest of Kirkuk.”
“The violent air strikes were conducted using remote controlled rockets,” the source added.

“The sound of the bombardment was heard in different parts of Kirkuk,” he explained. “The Preliminary information indicated to the killing of a number of the Islamic State’s leaders and members,” the source further added.

The Islamic State group captured the areas south of Kirkuk in June 2014, including Hawija, which is considered the key stronghold of the extremist group in the current time in Kirkuk Province.

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