Coalition airstrike kills 60 ISIS members near Anbar

Aerial bombardment. File photo.
Aerial bombardment. File photo.

( Anbar – The Command of al-Hashd al-Shaabi in Anbar announced that 60 ISIS members were killed in an airstrike launched by the international coalition aviation, which was targeted on an ISIS convoy to the west of Ramadi.

Intelligence director of al-Somoud brigade, Captain Nazim al-Jaghifi, said, “The international coalition aviation launched an airstrike targeting an ISIS convoy of 12 vehicles at Wadi al-Fahemi in western Haditha district. As a result of this, 60 ISIS members including the photographer of Camp Speicher Massacre Abbas Mazhar Abbas.”

“Meanwhile, security forces identified some of ISIS casualties from Fahemi. They are Osama Tamr al-Jaghifi, Omar Alaka, Adi Abdel Razek and senior leader Falah al-Rawi,” he added.

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