Coalition airstrikes kill 23 ISIS elements in 3 provinces

Coalition warplane during a mission to strike ISIS sites.
Coalition warplane during a mission to strike ISIS sites.


( Baghdad – Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced Saturday, that 23 elements of the ISIS group have been killed in air strikes by the international coalition in the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin.

The ministry said in a statement obtained by, “Warplanes of the international coalition had carried out 15 air strikes against ISIS sites in the areas of al-Ramadi, al-Baghdadi, al-Karma, Mosul and Baiji, pointing out that, “The aerial bombing resulted in killing 23 ISIS elements and the destruction of a vital headquarters for the group.”

“The air strikes also resulted in burning 6 armored vehicles and a number of ISIS shelters,” the statement added.

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