Coalition forces deny the bombing of Iraqi army’s headquarters in Fallujah

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – An informed source in the international coalition denied, that the coalition forces shelled a headquarters belonging to the Iraqi army forces in Fallujah.

The source informed, “The rumors of the bombing of an army headquarters in southeast of Fallujah, resulting in the killing and wounding of 14 soldiers, are absolutely unfounded,” pointing out that, “The coalition strikes are accurate against ISIS targets.”

Yesterday, a security source in al-Anbar province said, that an aircraft belonging to the U.S.-led coalition had shelled a headquarters for the Iraqi army’s 1st battalion in the district of Fallujah.


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  1. Iraq news should make a better effort to accurately report stories, How can Iraq win battles if they don’t know who they are fighting.

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